Butler™ products are an all natural alternative to meat that are heart-healthy, delicious and easy to use. The exquisite texture, flavor and versatility is unmatched.

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Soya Curl Recipes
tumbling soy curls

Soy Curls

Butler Soy Curls™ are a delicious alternative to meat that are a great addition to your favorite recipes.


Sam's Harvest Jerky

Sam's Harvest Jerky™ is the new delicious way to enjoy all the goodness of Soy Curls™ when you're on the go.


Sam's Taco Crumbles

Sam's Taco Crumbles™ are the delicous quick way to nutritious tacos, chili, and more!


Chik-Style Seasoning

Butler Chik-Style Seasoning™ was developed as a delicious way to season Soy Curls™. It is also great to have around the kitchen to use anytime you need a superb vegan Chik-Style flavor.